The region of Lapland is comprised of what four countries?

What iconic Christmas poem did Clement Clarke Moore publish in 1823?

What singer had a Christmas number one in 1990 with the song Saviour’s Day?

Christmas Island is located in what Ocean?

Christmas cake is the bingo call for what number?

What singer had a Christmas Number one with the song Mistletoe and Wine in 1988?

In the Simpsons what breed of dog is Santa’s Little Helper?

What Christmas film classic was inspired by a Philip van Doren Stern short story?

What U.S president had the middle name Rudolph?

The Church of the Nativity is located in what Palestinian city?

What ancient city was named after the Canaanite fertility god Lehem?

What is Shakin’ Stevens real name?

True or False Cat Stevens had a hit with Merry Christmas Everyone?

In what winter sport beginning with L is a sled used?

What band had a Christmas number one in 1978 with the song Mary’s Boy Child?

By what name are the biblical magi better known?

What band had a Christmas Number One in 1994 with the song Stay Another Day?

What band had a 1973 Christmas number one with Merry Christmas Everybody?

Christmas crackers were first introduced in what year?

In what year were the first Christmas cards sent?

Last Christmas was a hit for which 80’s band?

Panettone and turrón are popular Christmas sweet treats in what country?

What Christmas film is based on the 1966 novel In God We Trust: All Others Pay Cash?

Finish the song title All I Want for Christmas Is My Two?

What native plant from Mexico is often associated with Christmas?

Shane MacGowan and Jem Finer wrote what Christmas hit in 1987?

Danny DeVito stars in what 2006 American Christmas comedy film?

In the Czech Republic and Slovakia children must wait for what before collecting their presents?

The Grinch is a 3d animated Christmas comedy released in what year?

What famous American singer had a hit with Blue Christmas?