In what country would you find the holy city of Mecca?

The Guru Granth Sahib is the central text of what religion?

In Judaism what is another name for the Day of Atonement beginning with the letter Y?

In Greek mythology Thetis is the mother of what great warrior?

The holy month of Ramadan commemorates what historical event?

What Japanese religion beginning with the letter S means Way of the Gods?

Giovanni di Bernadone is the birth name of what saint and founder of the Franciscan Order?

The Fast of Esther is a one day fast observed by what religion?

Who was the Roman Goddess of peace?

In Norse mythology who is the wife of Thor?

Who was the Greek goddess of the Moon?

In what Italian city is St. Mark’s Cathedral located?

What Greek Titan is said to have created humanity from clay?

The land of milk and honey is a biblical reference linked to what modern day state?

What religion beginning with the letter C was established in Vietnam in 1926?

Saint Stanislaus is the patron saint of what European country?

What was Eos the ancient goddess of?

What religious movement did Jane and James Wardley found in northwest England in 1747?

What religion did Joseph Smith found in the United States during the 1800’s?

True or False Luke was not one of the twelve apostles?

According to the bible who replaced judas as the twelveth apostle?

What religion did Gautama Siddhartha found?

Who created The Book Of Kells?

In Greek mythology admission to where is reserved for the righteous and the heroic?

Zebedee was the father of two apostles can you name them?

Halloween Celebrates What Holy Feast Day Every Year?

Eirene was the Greek goddess of what?

What saint was known as the Apostle Of The Ardennes?

Abdullah was the father of what prophet and founder of Islam?

What is Myrrh?