What Dutch artist and founder of the De Stijl art movement was born Christian Kupper in 1883?

What artistic movement did Jean Metzinger and Albert Gleizes write a treaty on in 1912?

What well known artist lived in and painted The Yellow House in Arles France?

The Creation of Adam is a fresco that was painted by what well known artist?

What fifteenth Century painter was born Jheronimus van Aken?

Victory Boogie Woogie is an unfinished artwork by what famous abstract painter?

Bicycle Wheel is a famous readymade artwork created by what French born artist?

Light and Space is an art movement that began in what U.S State during the 1960’s?

French architect and designer Hector Guimard was a key figure in developing what art style?

Exploration of the Soul is an autobiography written by what contemporary artist?

What R is given to an eighteenth century French Art style?

Jean Arp was a co-founder of what artistic movement?

Xanthin is another name for what primary colour?

What mid nineteenth century American art movement did the artist Thomas Cole create?

Pieter Cornelis is the first and middle name of what famous Dutch painter?

The Scream is a famous artwork by Edvard Munch but in what country was the artist born?

What sombre and atmospheric art style beginning with the letter T literally means Dark Colouring?

The Artist William Turner had himself tied to what so that he could learn how to paint a storm?

Le Corbusier and Ozenfant created what art movement that began in 1918?

American Artist Edward Hopper was born in what U.S city?

What P describes the documented history and authenticity of an artwork?

Michelangelo, Bronzino and Pontormo were all members of what art movement?

What G describes the style of renaissance painting betweeen the 11th and 15th century?

Josef Albers was a German painter associated with what movement in the 1930’s?

What artist was known as the father of Impressionism?

In what U.S city is the Isabella Stewart Gardner Art Museum located?

Parallelism is an art term coined by what swiss painter?

What word beginning with M describes a late renaissance European art movement from the sixteenth century?

The Night Watch is a famous painting by what artist?

In what European city would you find The Prado Museum?