Who was the first English footballer to be Knighted while still a player?

What English Premier League Football manager was known as The Special One?

In what sport is the Ballon d’Or presented annually?

In Cricket what name is given to the two horizontal pieces on top of the three vertical stump posts?

What football club was created after an ad was placed in Los Deportes magazine in 1899?

In what sport is the Coleman Medal awarded annually?

Who won the 2020 U.S Masters Golf Tournament?

In what sport is the Eclipse Award Trophy presented annually?

In what professional sport do players compete in the Eredivisie?

What Major League Baseball team is located in the city of St Petersberg Florida?

What Formula One driver was born and raised in the English town of Stevenage?

In what sport is the Conn Smythe Trophy awarded annually?

Eric Cantona made his professional debut in 1983 with what club?

What U.S Golfer acquired the nickname The Scientist?

In what U.S city is the Golden State Warriors NBA team Based?

Who was the first driver to be posthumously awarded the F1 World Drivers Championship?

The Buffalo Sabres are a team of professionals that compete in what sport?

In Athletics how many hurdles must be jumped in a 400 metre race?

Charlie Collier was the first person to win what motorcycle race in 1907?

Valderrama and the Belfry are locations where what sport is played?

What international football team did Jack Charlton manage between 1986 and 1996?

What soccer team plays their home games at Elland Road?

Who was the first footballer to score a hat-trick in a World Cup Final?

What team won the FIFA World Cup Final in 1990?

In what sport did Reanne Evans win Ten consecutive titles between 2005 and 2014?

Who captained Liverpool when they won the Premier League in 2020?

What NFL team is headquartered in Florham Park New Jersey?

The Minnesota Twins compete in what professional sports game?

What professional English football team plays their home games at Anfield?

Cranker Chop and Clover are all terms used in what ball sport?