In what discipline is the Abel prize awarded annually?

What iconic company did Joseph Cyril Bamford start in a small rented garage in 1945?

Count Gaston de Chasseloup-Laubat was the first person to do what in 1898?

What social networking site did Tom Anderson and Chris DeWolfe establish in 2003?

What free computer software project did Richard Stallman launch in 1983?

What popular construction toy did John Llyod Wright develop in 1916?

What scientific instrument did Dmitri Mendeleev invent in 1866?

True or False a Chapman Stick is a type of musical instrument?

What popular footwear company did William J Riley establish in Boston in 1906?

What was the name of the first Monkey in Space?

In 1954 Diane Leather became the first woman to do what in less than five minutes?

Stephen Hillenburg is best known for creating what marine based animated childrens series?

What Golf equipment company did Norwegian man Karsten Solheim start in his garage in 1959?

In 1903 Maurice Garin became the first winner of what international race?

What popular boardgame did Anthony Pratt develop during the second world war?

Svetlana Savitskaya became the first woman to do what in 1984?

What unique gardening device did Edwin Beard Budding develop in 1830?

What unique gardening device did George Ballas invent in 1971?

In what sport did Maurice Richard become the first player to score fifty goals in the same season?

What material did Armin Elmendorf create in California in 1963?

Irishwoman Oonah Keogh made history in 1925 becoming the first woman to do what?

What planet did American Astronomer Clyde Tombaugh discover in 1930?

Francis Ouimet was the first amateur to win what sporting competition in 1913?

What did the Montgolfier Brothers invent in 1782?

What did John Peak Knight invent in 1868?

Konstantin Stanislavski created a unique system to help train what group of people?

What type of metal did Sheffield born Harry Brearly invent in 1913?

What did Johann Christoph Denner invent in Germany around the 1700’s?

German born Armin Hary was the first person to do what in 1960?

The Franz Kafka Prize is awarded in recognition for achievement in what area?