The Half Eagle was the first gold coin to be minted in the U.S but what face does the coin have?

Where Discoveries Begin is the motto for what U.S government organisation?

On what island is Kennedy Space Center located in Florida?

What Multi-national corporation is linked with the name Lucky-Goldstar?

In what design discipline is the Finn Juhl Prize awarded each year?

The Beijing National Stadium in China is more affectionately known by what other name?

In what European city is John Paul II international airport located ?

What aerospace company makes the A330 aeroplane?

In computing how many Kilobytes are in a Megabyte?

In computing how many bits of information are in a Nibble?

The Museum of Pop Culture in Seattle was designed by what famous architect?

In data processing what does the acronym GIGO mean?

How many stars are featured on the flag of New Zealand?

What animal is featured on the reverse of the one dollar Canadian coin?

What U.S city is known as the air capital of the world?

What luxury fashion company has the head of Medusa on its logo?

What two colours are featured on the flag of Bangladesh?

In Colour printing what do the letters CMYK stand for?

True or False the forty story tall New York Life Building has a six storey 22-karat gold roof?

LGW is the airport code for what airport?

In tooling and manufacturing what does the acronym CAD mean?

In electronics what does the acronym LED mean?

HSBC is a prominent global banking and finance provider but what do the letters HSBC mean?

Is Birch considered a hardwood or a softwood?

In aviation what does the acronym VTOL mean?

Pininfarina and Bertone are both strongly associated with what industry?

Levi Strauss founded the first company to manufacture what in 1853?

What is the name for a flattened circle beginning with the letter E?

What does the economic expression GNP mean?

What president is featured on the U.S two dollar bill?