A CT Scanner is an imaging device developed in the 1970’s but what does the CT stand for?

What P is the name is given to a person who studies fossils?

What is a Barometer used to measure?

The headquarters for the European Space Agency is located in what city?

True or False Moscovium and Hassium both feature on the periodic table of elements?

What is the more common name for the B1 Vitamin?

In Geometry how many sides make up a regular tetrahedron?

Silver in colour Cupronickel is an alloy of what two metals?

Caltech is a research university founded in 1891 but what does the acronym Caltech mean?

What word beginning with the letter C describes the change of a gas into a liquid?

What S is the name given to the oil produced by a Humans Skin?

In computing what do the initials VGA mean?

What scientific unit beginning with the letter D is used to measure sound intensity?

In Astronomy the term Albedo is used to describe the measurement of what?

A Podiatrist specialises in treating disorders located in what part of the body?

In Astronomy what word describes a cloud of gas and dust in space?

A Brief History of Time is a book on cosmology written by what welll known physicist?

What temperature is the centre of the earth to the nearest one thousand degress?

What is the scientific unit used to measure electrical resistance?

What word is used to describe a triangle with three equal sides?

What are the only two elements of the periodic table that are liquid at room temperature?

In what year was the Hubble Space Telescope launched into orbit?

What is the medical term for the shoulder blade?

In mathematics what percentage of a circles diameter is the radius?

What name is given to an angle greater than ninety but less than one hundred and eighty degrees?

Phlebitis is the inflammation of what part of the human body?

Kyphosis is a condition relating to what part of the human body?

A Comedo is the medical term used to describe what?

What would a Vulcanologist study?

In morse code what letter does dot dash dot signify?