Johnny Briggs played what character in the popular British soap opera Coronation Street?

What 90’s sitcom character lived in Flat Two on Twelve Arbour Road in Highbury London?

What fictional cartoon family lives at 31 Spooner Street?

What British sitcom family lived at 368 Nelson Mandela House Peckham?

Who dares wins Rodney was a catchphrase used by what sitcom character?

In the T.V series Dad’s Army what actor played the character of Lance Corporal Jones?

Hypno-Disc and Chaos 2 featured in what popular T.V series?

The Tribe has spoken is a catchphrase used in what T.V series first aired in 1997?

How you doin was a catchphrase used by what T.V character?

What animated bear lived in Jellystone Park?

Sam Eagle is an ultra patriotic character that first appeared in what popular television show?

Moe Szylak is a character that appears in what popular television series?

What fictional town is home of the long running British soap opera Coronation Street?

Capital City Goofball is a fictional character in what popular T.V. show?

In what seaside town was the british sitcom series Fawlty Towers set in?

What T.V. Series did the characters Paulie Walnuts, Artie Bucco and Dr Jennifer Melfi feature in?

True or False David Attenborough is younger brother of actor Richard Attenborough?

True or False Richard Gere played Robin Hood in the 1950’s classic T.V series?

True or False Rodney Trotter is a cousin of Del Boy in Only Fools and Horses?

What was the name given to the life like adaptation of puppets to be used in film and television series?

The original Who Wants to Be a Millionaire was hosted by which UK TV and Radio host?

Joseph Barbera and William Hanna created which iconic Cat and Mouse pair?

Cartoon Character Stewie from Family Guy had an extreme dislike for which actor?

Summer Bay is the setting for what T.V soap opera?

Flossy Muggins and Mr Pie Face are characters in what Beano inspired animated series?

What is the name of the Griffins pet dog in Family Guy?

J.R Ewing was a character from what US T.V series?

Trey Parker and Matt Stone created which controversial adult animated sitcom?

Joey Tribbiani is a struggling what in Friends?

True or False Netflix started off by selling and renting dvd’s by mail?