K-Pop is a type of music genre but what does the K mean?

Timothy Zachery Mosley is better known as what American musical artist and record producer?

What type of music is performed at the annual Bayreuth Festival?

What does the PJ stand for in musician PJ Harveys name?

Jam Master Jay was the DJ for what influential 1980’s hip hop group?

What Swiss born Italian musician and DJ was born Roberto Concina in 1969?

Musician and Singer John Paul Larkin was better known by what stage name?

Can you name the members of the iconic British rock band Led Zeppelin?

Lester Polsfuss helped create what iconic music instrument?

Amadeus is a biographical film based on the life of what famous composer?

What American rapper and actor was born Christopher Brian Bridges in Champaign Illinois?

True or False an Ocarina is a type of stringed instrument?

What country won the Eurovision song contest in 2012 with the song Euphoria?

Born in Long Beach California Calvin Broadus Jr is the original name of what American rapper?

The Nightlife Thugs was the original name for what Irish rock band?

What English rock band was called The Detours and also The High Numbers?

Andrew Loog Oldham was the manager of what famous rock band?

Pras Michel was a member of The Fugees but can you name the other two band members?

Translator Crew was the original name for what popular 90’s hip hop group?

The singer Henry Samuel is better known by what stage name?

Who was the lead singer of the Popular 90’s Boyband NSYNC?

What American rock band released the album Hybrid Theory in the year 2000?

What popular English rock and roll band was originally called The Detours?

It Wasn’t Me and Boombastic were both hits for what music artist?

What is the largest brass instrument in an orchestra?

Damon Gough is a singer songwriter better known by what stage name?

White Feathers and Gone to the Moon were both albums released by what New Wave British Band?

What Australian Band was originally called The Farriss Brothers ?

What 1960’s Californian band was named after a make of Steamroller?

What musical instrument beginning with the letter G has metal bars and is struck by a hammer?