True or False a Pup is the name given to a Baby Bat?

The Xoloitzcuintle is a type of hairless what native to Mexico?

A Grison is a type of Wolverine that is a native of what two continents?

A Rhea is a type of flightless bird native to what continent?

A Schnoodle is a cross between what two breeds of dog?

What word beginning with I describes an animal without a backbone?

Parr Smolt and Grilse are all names given to the young of what animal?

What type of animal is a Mandrill?

Hands are the unit of measuring a horse but how many inches are in a hand?

What M is given to a cross between a male horse and a donkey?

Do peanuts grow above or below ground?

What is the largest seabird in the world?

How many toes does an Ostrich have on each leg?

What would a Lepidopterist collect?

Indian Grey and Yellow and Slender are all types of what small mammal?

Leatherjacket is the name given to the larva of what insect?

Panthera pardus is the scientific name for what animal?

Juniper has many uses but in its natural state is it a coniferous or a deciduous tree?

What type of animal is a Gharial?

What is a young eel called?

What is another name for a Honey Badger beginning with the letter R?

True or False Cats have an inability to taste sweetness?

What is the name of the chemical in chocolate that is bad for dogs?

Halcyon is a Greek word that is often associated with what type of bird?

True or False a Cheetah unlike a Cat has claws that cannot be retracted?

In what country would you find the worlds largest national park?

Wisent and Zubr are other names for what type of animal beginning with the letter B?

In what country would you find the active volcanos of Cotopaxi and Sangay?

Misaki is a rare breed of small horse that is native to what country?

Mistral, Sirocco and Levante are just a few of the winds associated with what sea?