In Astrology what is the zodiac symbol for Aries?

What does the internet chat abbreviation BION mean?

On a standard keyboard what letter is located between W and R?

Can you list the three water signs of the Zodiac?

Which is farther thirty two kilometres or twenty one miles?

Cha-Cha-Cha and Rumba are both dance styles originating from what country?

True or False an Omnivore only eats vegetables?

What does the internet chat abbreviation ISRN mean?

How many rooms are there in The White House?

What is four hundred in Roman numerals?

In mountaineering Chhoogori and Mount Godwin-Austen are better known by what common name?

Jump and jive is the bingo call for what number?

The Griffin Prize founded in 2000 recognises achievements in what discipline?

The Edgar Allan Poe Awards are presented every year by what New York based group?

In what city is Leonardo da Vinci international airport located?

White Day is celebrated in many Asian countries as a follow up to what special day?

Deep Water Bay is one of the wealthiest neighbourhoods on earth but on what island is it located?

What is the only chess piece that cannot capture in the same direction that it moves?

True or False if you add up the opposite sides on a dice you will always get seven?

What colour signifies a beginner friendly ski slope?

How many rooms are there in Windsor Castle?

Bob, Bowler and Derby are all types of what?

What is usually stored in a Humidor?

The Jazz age is often referred to in conjunction with what notable decade?

A golden wedding anniversary signifies how many years of marriage?

A striker which is sometimes called a paddle, mallet or goalie is used in what sport?

Foxtrot and Jitterbug are both types of what?

In the game of chess what piece always stays on the same colour square?

On what date is Groundhog day celebrated every year?

In Germany what is the U-Bahn?