What iconic vehicle did Bruce Meyers create in his Newport Beach garage in 1964?

On what side of the road do vehicles in New Zealand drive?

In what country was the vehicle manufacturer Tatra established in in 1850?

In what country is the supercar manufacturer Zenvo Automotive based?

What automotive company manufactured the Celica and Supra?

What Luxury Car manufacturer was founded in Cricklewood North London in 1919?

What automotive company did the three brothers Louis Marcel and Fernand found in 1899?

Laurin and Klement is often associated with luxurious editions produced by what car brand?

What large automaker is named after the Persian God of Wisdom?

What car company manufactured the Testarossa between 1984 and 1996?

RAV4 and Supra were both automobiles manufactured by what company?

Macan and Taycan are both automobiles manufactured by what company?

Kia Motors is an automobile company founded in what country?

On what side of the road do people in Iceland drive?

Diplomatic vehicles usually display the letters CC but what do they mean?

CH is the vehicle registration code of what European country?

What F1 racing driver was described as the great greatest driver never to win the world championship?

What’s it Like Out There was a book written by what iconic American racing driver?

Swift and Capuccino are both car models produced by what manufacturer?

What Formula One driver is nicknamed The Iceman?

What automotive related testing device did Samuel W Alderson invent?

Elan and Elise are both cars manufactured by what company?

Accord and Prelude are both cars manufactured by what company?

In what year did Colin McRae win the World Rally Championship?

Mondeo and Fiesta are both cars produced by what manufacturer?

In Automotive terminology what does the acronym GVW mean?

How long is a standard drag racing strip?

There are Four countries that drive on the left in Europe but can you name them?

What independent British sports car manufacturer was originally called Trevcar Motors?

TVR is a British sports car manufacturer founded in 1946 but what do the letters TVR represent?