What Dutch artist and founder of the De Stijl art movement was born Christian Kupper in 1883?

In what discipline is the Abel prize awarded annually?

Murray Walker was known for his animated and enthusiastic commentry of what sport?

What P is the name is given to a person who studies fossils?

Johnny Briggs played what character in the popular British soap opera Coronation Street?

What African city is nicknamed The City of Gold?

What is Neil Armstrongs middle name?

Who was the first English footballer to be Knighted while still a player?

What iconic company did Joseph Cyril Bamford start in a small rented garage in 1945?

What does the internet chat abbreviation SMH mean?

The region of Lapland is comprised of what four countries?

Count Gaston de Chasseloup-Laubat was the first person to do what in 1898?

In what U.S State is the city of Albuquerque located?

The Tricity metropolitan area in northern Poland is made up of what three cities?

What two rivers flow through the historic Mesopotamia region of Western Asia?

What English Premier League Football manager was known as The Special One?

Monegasque is the national language of what principality?

In what sport is the Ballon d’Or presented annually?

In what city would you find a large urban peninsula called The Isle of Dogs?

What type of food is a Chipolata?

American Socialite Wallis Simpson was married to what former King?

The Bosporus Strait connects what two seas together?

In Cricket what name is given to the two horizontal pieces on top of the three vertical stump posts?

What iconic Christmas poem did Clement Clarke Moore publish in 1823?

What iconic vehicle did Bruce Meyers create in his Newport Beach garage in 1964?

What is the capital city of Mozambique?

Perry is an alcoholic drink made from what type of fermented fruit?

What writer created the iconic fictional detective Sherlock Holmes?

What is the capital city of the U.S state of Alabama?

What type of music is performed at the annual Bayreuth Festival?