In retro video gaming why was the Nintendo 64 called Nintendo 64?

Mario is a classic video game character but what is Marios brothers name?

Doctor Neo Cortex is the arch nemesis of what video game character?

What famous venue is located above Penn Station in New York City?

How many pieces in total are there at the start of a Chess game?

Edna Krabappel and Kent Brockman are both characters from what animated sitcom?

What video game development company was founded in 1960 by Martin Bromley and Richard Stewart?

What soccer player had an autobiography titled The Good the Bad and the Bubbly?

James Howlett is the birth name of what superhero?

Can you name the striped French cartoon skunk who was constantly in search of love?

What fictional superhero was born on Krypton and given the name Kal-El at birth?

What Scottish comedian is known as The Big Yin?

Ethelbert is the middle name of what cartoon character?

How many tiles are there in a regular set of dominoes?

Duck and dive is a bingo term but what number does it represent?

The Twist is a dance that was made popular by what rock ‘n roll performer in the 1960’s?

Doctor Shivana and Black Adam are both archenemies of what fictional comic book superhero?

Billy Batson is the alter ego of what fictional superhero?

Lapta is a bat and ball game played in what country?

The classic video game Tetris is actually a combination of what two words?

The world’s largest wooden rollercoaster is located in what country?

In cards the king of spades is symbolic of what biblical king?

Rich Uncle Pennybags is the moustache wearing mascot of what popular board game?

I Am The law is a catchphrase used by what fictional comic book character?

What does the DC stand for in regard to the American comic book publisher DC Comics?

In what game would you use a Squidger and a Wink?

Shylock and Reynaldo are both characters created by what English playright?

Elzie Crisler Segar created what one eyed comic book hero?

What cartoon character is called Topolino in Italy?

Who played Vincent van Gogh in the 1956 film Lust for Life?