American Socialite Wallis Simpson was married to what former King?

The Cry of Dolores is linked to what countries war of independance?

What three baltic countries declared their neutrality in WW2 on November 18th 1938?

Checkpoint Charlie was a well known crossing point between what two cities?

Can You Name the Big Four Allies during World War II?

In what city would you find the Parthenon temple?

What two countries were involved in the Cod War during the 1960’s?

What Roman Emperor was born Gaius Octavius?

Who is believed to have infamously uttered the words Let them eat cake?

From what country did the U.S purchase Alaska in 1867 for $7.2 million dollars?

Who was the Roman goddess of victory?

In ancient mythology a Griffin had the body of a lion and the head of a what?

In what city would you find the Aurelain walls?

The Southern African country of Botswana was known by what name prior to 1966?

What Roman Emperor built a wall across northern England in 122 AD?

The Saffron Revolution was a series of protests that took place in what country in 2007?

Who became Roman Emperor after Augustus?

What name did Captain James Cook give to the Islands of Hawaii upon discovery in 1778?

Where would you find the Kraken of Norway and the Japanese Akkorokamui?

True or false the lion was the official animal of the Roman Empire?

What was the nineteenth century movement for Italian unification called?

Calvin Coolidge succeeded what president of the united states in 1923?

Maximilien Robespierre was an influential figure in what revolution?

Italian explorer Amerigo Vespucci named what country after the city of Venice?

By what name was Richard John Bingham better known?

What emperor was apparantly playing the fiddle while Rome burned?

What iconic landmark did Victor Lustig sell for scap in 1925?

Leningrad and Petrograd were both names that were given to what modern day city?

During what war did the battle of jutland take place?

Cyrus the Great was the founder and leader of what powerful empire?